Maintaining Confidence

Danos offers highly skilled diesel, natural gas, slow speed and 3600 mechanics.

Our mechanics are available for a variety of schedules: 7/7, 14/14, and emergency call-outs. We also offer offshore or in-shop overhaul crews equipped with all the tools necessary to completely overhaul your equipment. Experience includes Waukesha, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, John Deere and White Superior.


Our team can repair, service, overhaul or perform simple maintenance on almost any piece of mechanical equipment such as:

  • Natural Gas Engines
  • Generator Packages
  • Diesel Engines
  • Pump Units
  • Compressors
  • Crane Engines


Utilizing a special computer program we can track, monitor and schedule routine maintenance on your engines, generators and pumps. This program increases run-time and reduces the chance of unscheduled downtime, often saving customers thousands of dollars annually.

Our program is fully customizable, easy to use and is accessible anywhere that internet service is provided. The use of this program increases run-time and reduces the chance of unscheduled downtime, often saving customers thousands of dollars annually. Danos can also provide field personnel to gather and upload all equipment specifications.

Features and Capabilities:

  • At-a-glance maintenance calendar
  • Stores equipment specifications and service manuals
  • Generates printable inspection check list for monthly, quarterly and annual inspections
  • Records results of inspections with pass/fail and notifies the customer of any issues
  • Email notifications of when maintenance is due, inspection results and repairs for approval
  • Oil sample testing and recording
  • Failure trending reports
  • Parts inventory tracking

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Our technicians are experienced with a comprehensive range of radiators, air coolers, oil coolers, after-coolers, inter-coolers, heat exchangers and fans. Available for analysis, cleaning, rebuilds, repairs, flushes, hydro-testing, re-tube and re-core, hydroblasting and rod-outs, offshore/ onsite servicing, as well as product sales.


We stock a variety of natural gas and diesel engines and engine components, such as:

  • F817-G Waukesha
  • F1197-G Waukesha
  • VHP 7042-GU Waukesha
  • Inline 4-71 Detroit Diesel
  • Inline 6-71 Detroit Diesel
  • Inline 3306 Caterpillar
  • Various Tier II Cummins Diesel Engines

In addition to overhauled equipment, we also have a variety of “low hour” used generator sets and equipment available for purchase, including:

  • 1905-G Waukesha/Kato 150kw 208/480volt generator unit with an aluminum enclosure
  • 3306-G Caterpillar/Caterpillar 75kw 208/480volt generator with an aluminum enclosure
  • 2895-G Waukesha/Kato 250kw 208/480volt stand alone Gas Generator set (with 400 hours since the complete overhaul on the engine/generator) with self-enclosed aluminum enclosure
  • 3521 – GU Waukesha/Kato 250kw 208/480volt generator set
  • F3335DU Waukesha/Kato 250kw 208/480volt diesel generator set
  • 1197-GU Waukesha/Baylor generator unit
  • 3516SITA Caterpillar engine
  • L3711 Waukesha/Kato 250kw generator set
  • VRG 330 natural gas engines
  • 500kw completely reconditioned generator armature only 208/480volt 60hertz 900rpm’s


We offer a variety of high-quality compressor and engine parts. We are a certified GE™ authorized compressor frame packager, as well as a distributor for Industrial Cummins® engines. Our facility and staff have the necessary equipment and experience to rebuild and load test compressors and natural gas or diesel generators (up to 500kw).

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