45 years with Shell

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

In many ways, the story of Danos cannot be told without Shell. Beginning with the Bayou Marchand incident in 1970 and continuing to the present day, whenever Shell has needed help, Danos has responded. It’s been a unique partnership that has grown and strengthened over more than four decades. In good times and in lean times, the relationship between Danos and Shell has been based on mutual respect, common values and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

As Shell has evolved, so have we. Starting with offshore work in the Gulf of Mexico, Danos has gone on to support Shell business ventures in the onshore and midstream markets as well, in Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania and other locations around the country. We’ve added new service lines to meet new needs, shifted focus and adapted to changing circumstances to ensure we can continue to be a trusted and valuable partner for Shell.

In addition to our common values, many Danos employees have gone on to work for Shell, further strengthening the ties between us. Indeed, Danos personnel are routinely recognized by Shell for their outstanding commitment to safety and quality. From our top-rated paint crew to pilot testing of new approaches in turnaround work, we’ve earned the kind of trust that comes from proving ourselves day in and day out. Danos’ core purpose – developing great people to solve big challenges for our customers and communities ¬– is in perfect alignment with how we approach our relationship with Shell.

Recently, Danos completed a large-scale turnaround project on Shell's Brutus Tension Leg Platform in the Gulf of Mexico. After 18 months of intensive planning, the project was successfully completed ahead of schedule. The Danos crew – made up of superintendents, welders, fitters and riggers – worked around the clock, logging more than 9,000 man-hours over 27 days while achieving Shell’s “Goal Zero” safety standard*. This project, which included Danos project management, construction, fabrication, logistics/material coordination services as well as on-site safety leadership, is a prime example of the value of our longstanding relationship with Shell.

As we reflect on the last 45 years, we are also looking forward. We will continue to take on new challenges and support Shell in innovative ways. For example, our track record of successful materials management for Shell in Harvey, Galliano and Morgan City has earned us the opportunity to provide that same support via our Amelia yard for the construction of Shell’s new gas processing facility in Pennsylvania. In this project and in others to come, Danos stands ready to provide Shell with the support and expertise that has been at the heart of this partnership since the beginning.

* “Goal Zero” means relentlessly pursuing no harm to people and no significant incidents. Shell measures Goal Zero by the number of “zero” days. They maintain two Goal Zero counters, one for “no harm” and the other for “no leaks.”