An ounce of prevention—or a full overhaul

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

This article was originally published in the May 2019 issue of 1012 Industry Report

Everyone knows that preventative maintenance is critical in every industry, yet companies often do the bare minimum to keep business moving.The reality is a lack of service and regular maintenance can be expensive and, even worse, can cost lives. Implementing a good maintenance program increases run-time and reduces the chance of unscheduled downtime, often saving companies thousands of dollars annually. 

From a small company founded in 1947, Danos has grown into a trusted strategic partner for oil and gas operators around the globe. Danos is a third-generation family-managed oilfield service provider with 15 service offerings: production workforce, materials management, shorebase and logistics, specialized consultants, regulatory auditing and measurement, project management, automation, instrumentation and electrical, construction, fabrication, coatings, scaffolding, mechanical maintenance, valve and wellhead, and power generation.

Danos’ team of mechanical experts provides a host of preventative maintenance—including diesel, natural gas and slow speed—for onshore and offshore customers. Its mechanics perform quarterly maintenance, repairs, inspections and overhauls on all customer-owned equipment. In addition, coatings, instrumentation and electrical, and construction crews provide maintenance for customers as needed.

It is imperative that oil and gas companies track, monitor and schedule routine maintenance on their equipment. Danos’ highly trained team has the experience to provide peace of mind with their extensive technical knowledge and industry-leading service.

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