Cities of Ys

Thursday, August 15, 2013

In late July, the Larose Fabrication shop became an art gallery for a Parisian guest for few hours. While we consider the shop our own oil and gas art gallery, artist Camille Henrot and her team got to document the beauty of what our employees do every day. The artist and her team shot video footage in the Danos Fabrication shop in Larose for her upcoming contemporary art installation at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

The New Orleans Museum of Art will debut the first U.S. solo exhibition this fall by French artist Camille Henrot (born 1978, lives in Paris), awardee of the Venice Biennale Silver Lion for promising young artist. The exhibition Camille Henrot: Cities of Ys delves deeply into the unique history and culture of southern Louisiana.

In Henrot’s installation, she will draw a parallel between the legendary, submerged city of Ys in Brittany, France, and the disappearing wetlands occupied by the Houma Indians (historically a French-speaking tribe in Louisiana). Henrot’s approach centers on the evolution of legends, which are passed down from one generation or culture to the next, changing as information is added or lost. Henrot’s project aims to tackle the challenges that occur in the retelling of stories, acknowledging that loss is part of the creative process. Her film will also capture the essence and culture of south Louisiana which will include the oil and fishing industries and many individuals that have lived here for generations.

One might wonder how this artist came to find the Danos shop in Larose. The answer, of course, is food. Every good Cajun knows there’s nothing like a boucherie to bring people together. Danos fabrication shop is well known internally for its annual boucherie held each Fall to gather and celebrate the year’s accomplishments. Camille was on her research mission to south Louisiana in 2012 when she was invited by an employee to have lunch with us that fateful day. During her visit, she was intrigued and fascinated by the team and their pipe welding work. The rest will soon be art history.

The show opens October 11, 2013 and runs through February 23, 2014 in the Weisman Gallery at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Click here for NOMA show details.