Danos & Curole Shortens Name, Sharpens Image

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Now known as simply "Danos," the energy contractor is both upping its brand and calling for success stories through its new "Danos does it right" campaign.

Global energy industry contractor Danos & Curole has changed its name to just “Danos,” amidst changes to its marketing program in response to the company’s growth. The name change is just one of several updates the company has made in response to the growing demand for its services among some of the world’s leading energy companies.

“This is a 65-year-old company,” notes Nicole Williams, who manages the company’s marketing and communications. “Every once in a while we have to take a step back and make sure that our marketing performance is keeping pace with our operating performance, which has built a strong reputation in the industry for helping customers make the most of their operating assets.”

Danos was founded in 1947 as a modest maritime service company. Since then, it’s grown into a global company with over 1,200 employees and such comprehensive lines of energy-support as construction, fabrication, coatings, shorebase and logistics management along with the provision of consultants and workforce for all nature of production facilities.

“We do things right in the field,” says Paul Danos, the company’s Executive Vice President. “So we want to make sure we’re living up to customer expectations on the communications side of the business as well. That’s why we’ve shortened the name, adapted a new logo and tagline, improved our website and rolled out our new ‘Danos does it right’ campaign. This is all about responding to the customers and employees we’ve been so blessed with over the years.”

The company’s “Danos does it right” campaign, which launched this week, allows employees, customers, associates and partners to share their stories of how Danos has made a positive difference to them over the years. Whether on the platform, in the office or just in life—the company is sharing videos and stories about how the company and its people have helped do the right thing in its six-plus decades of operation. Submit your story at www.danosdoesitright.com.