Danos’ Fabrication Services Records 9-Years No OSHA Recordables

Thursday, May 31, 2018

April 29, 2018, marked a significant safety milestone for Danos’ Fabrication Services; the group completed nine years with no recordable incidents, as classified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This incident-free performance by the Fabrication Services team translates to nearly 1.3 million man hours.

“Our focus on safety continues to be of highest importance to Danos,” said owner Eric Danos. “Danos’ experienced fabrication leadership and craftsmen, combined with teamwork and a family atmosphere directly contributed to this outstanding safety record of nine years with no incidents.”

Currently operating in Amelia, Louisiana, many of the employees with Danos’ Fabrication Services have worked in the industry and with Danos for over 10 years, so safe practices are nothing new. As one of its core values, safety is ingrained in the daily activities at Danos.

“From our daily Job Safety and Environmental Analyses (JSEAs) and weekly safety calls, to our biannual safety events, we never take our eye off the goal,” said Danos, “to provide the support, training, tools and environment to ensure all of our employees return home safely to their families.”

In addition to the fabrication team’s record, many Danos crews at client facilities are also celebrating incident-free milestones:

  • On April 28, 2018, the Danos team working with a Permian Basin exploration and production company recorded
         three years without a recordable incident, totaling nearly 1 million man hours. The team’s commitment to carefully
         identifying and managing hazards though company procedures has resulted in this milestone.

  • March 7, 2018, marked the one year anniversary of the opening of Danos’ Ohio office, where the Automation Services
         team has been incident free to date. The 15-person crew has worked more than 30,000 hours while closely following
         Danos’ guidelines and procedures to ensure safe work.

  • Danos’ Grand Isle shore base team employing nine people has performed three years incident-free, working tirelessly
         to perform their work on vessels as safely as possible.

  • The Danos team working for a customer in Port Fourchon has reached 11 years with zero recordable incidents.